File Open/Save Dialogs

The File Dialog has two views of the file system selectable using the right-most toolbar buttons.  View Mode lists the files by name in multiple columns.  Detail View lists the files and their metadata in one vertical strip.  In View Mode, clicking the column headers with the mouse will sort the files based upon that attribute.

In some instances, the File Dialog allows the selection of multiple files.  To select multiple files, click a file with the mouse and then click the mouse on additional files while holding down the CTRL Key (Apple Key on Mac OSX).  Clicking the mouse while holding down the SHIFT key will select all files between the last selected file and the newly selected files.

When opening files in Caret, it is not necessary to set the File Type control to the exact data type.  Instead, while leaving the File Type control set to "Any File", select one or more files and press the Open button.  If Caret is not able to identify a file by its file name extension, Caret will query the user to positively identify a file.  If there are many files, it may be helpful to set the File Type control to a specific type of file and only those files will be listed.



View Mode

view mode

Detail Mode