Project Cells or Foci Dialog

Data For Projection

All - Projects all cells/foci from their current location in the fiducial surface.

Hemisphere Only - Project only those cells/foci that are in the space of the current hemisphere.  A left hemisphere cell/focus has a X-coordinate less than zero.  A right hemisphere cell/focus has an X-coordinate greater than zero.

Flip to Match Hemisphere - Project all cells/foci.  If the cell/focus is NOT in the space of the current hemisphere, its X-coordinate is flipped to place it in the space of the current hemisphere prior to projecting.

Spatial Projection Type

Project Onto Surface - Cells/foci that are projected are projected onto the surface.  Any offset (superficial or deep) of the cell/focus from the surface is NOT preserved.

Keep Offset From Surface - Any offset of the cell from the fiducial surface is preserved when projected to other surfaces.