Project Foci to PALS Atlas Dialog

For foci to project to the PALS atlas, each focus must have a study associated with it.  Each study contains an entry for a stereotaxic space.  This stereotaxic space is used, along with the hemisphere of the focus, to determine the PALS surface used for mapping the focus.  On the studies page, press the Stereotaxic Space button to choose a stereotaxic space.  Note that not all spaces are supported by PALS.  Spaces supported at this time include AFNI, FLIRT, MRITOTAL, SPM99, SPM2, and 711-2*. 

Spatial Projection Type

Project Onto Surface - Cells/foci that are projected are projected onto the surface.  Any offset (superficial or deep) of the cell/focus from the surface is NOT preserved.

Keep Offset From Surface - Any offset of the cell from the fiducial surface is preserved when projected to other surfaces.