Surface Region Of Interest Dialog

Query Tab

Region of Interest Node Section

This section of the dialog is used to select nodes that make up the region of interest.  There are several different methods used to select nodes:
After setting the options that determine how nodes are selected, the user must press the "Select Nodes" button to actually select the nodes.  Unless "Show Selected Nodes" is unchecked, the selected nodes will be shown in green.  In addition, the number of nodes selected will be shown on the dialog.    

There are several options to combine nodes newly selected with previously selected nodes when the "Select Nodes" button is pressed:

Operation Surface and Topology

This section selects the Surface on which the query will be performed.  It will also show the topology file that the surface is assigned.  The surface's topology can be changed by selecting "Set Topology" from the Surface menu.

Operate on Selected Nodes

There several different operations that are performed on the selected nodes:
Corrected Area

Using the PALS atlas average fiducial surface as the operational surface may lead to inaccurate surface area calculations due to the PALS average fiducial surface being an "average surface".  If there is a metric column selected on the Display Control Dialog, it is used to adjust the surface area estimated at each node so that the operational surface has a surface area near that of a normal cortex.

Attributes Tab

This page of the dialog allows the user to choose specifically what metric, paint, and surface shape attributes are included in the Statistical Report.

Report Tab

This page of the dialog contains the output of the statistical report.