Caret Data Files

Caret uses many different files, each storing a specific type of information.  View the file formats.

Specification File - The specification file groups individual data files that define a surface.  Each line in the file is a pair of items consisting of a tag, that identifies the type of file, and a filename.  It is typically used to select files when loading a surface into Caret.
View the specification file tags.

File Header
All data files may contain a header which may contain comment about the file, the date the file is saved, and associations between the file and others that define the surface.

Topology and Coordinate Files

Latitude Longitude Files - Contain latitude and longitude positions for each node in the surface.

Attribute Files

Border Files

Cell Files

Foci Files

Coord Transform File - Specifies transformation matrices that can be applied to the REF surface.

Volume Comm Transform File - Specifies transformation matrices that are used when communicating with a volume visualization program such as AFNI.

Palette File - Specifies a color palette for mapping metric data to colors.

Topography File - Specifies information about visual topography.

Deformation Map File - Defines a deformation from one surface to another that can be used to deform data files without having to rerun the deformation.

Cuts File - Defines cuts for the surface.

Params File - A file created by SureFit that contains parameters for a surface.  It is never loaded by the user, but, is specified in the Specification File and parameters are read from it when needed.

Comment File - A text file that the user can specify in the spec file.  It is never used by Caret.