File Menu

Preferences  Launches a dialog for setting Caret preferences (On the Macintosh version, this menu item appears on the caret5 menu).

Set Current Directory - Launch a dialog for setting the current (default) directory.

Convert Data File Formats  Launches a dialog for converting data files between text and binary formats.

Copy Spec File  Launches a dialog for copying spec files.  The user has the option of having the data files copied or the paths to the data files placed into the copied spec file.

Validate Spec File - Launches a dialog for selecting a spec file.  Validates the spec file by verifying that the spec file and all of its data files exist.

Zip Spec File  Launches a dialog for creating a zip file containing the spec file and its data files.

Loaded File Management Launches a dialog that allows the user to view the files that are loaded, remove files from memory, remove columns from node attribute files, view the modification status of files, and to save files.

Add Document File to Spec File  Launches a dialog for adding a "document file", such as a Microsoft Word of a PDF file, to the Spec File.  While Caret does not read these files, it allows the files to "follow the Spec File" such as when a Spec File is copied or the Spec File and its data files are uploaded to SuMS.

Open Spec File  Launches a file selection dialog for choosing a spec file.

Open Recent Spec File  A submenu that lists previously opened spec files.  This submenu can be cleared by selecting Clear Recent Spec Files, the last item in the submenu,

Close Spec File  Erases all files in memory so caret appears as if it was restarted.

Fast Open Data File  Launches a dialog that lists all of data files in the spec file so that they can be quickly opened by using the corresponding Open button.

Open Data File  Launches a file selection dialog for loading a data file, usually ones not in the spec file.

Save Data File  Launches a file selection dialog for saving a data file.

Capture Image of Window  Launches a dialog for capturing an image of the main window, the viewing windows, or other common windows.  The dialog allows the user to capture an image of the entire main window or a region selected with the mouse.  The captured image may be copied to caret's loaded images, copied to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into other programs, printed, and/or saved to a file.

Record As Movie
  Displays a dialog that is used to create a movie file from the Caret graphics window.

Exit  Terminate the Caret program (On the Macintosh version, this item appears as Quit in the caret5 menu).