Average PALS SPM2 Results Before and After Case 12 Patch

2005-04-14, Donna Hanlon, Van Essen Lab

The input volume for both maps below was the spmT_0007.hdr/.img (<SPM{T_[1.5e+002]} - contrast 7: Canonical: Faces > Baseline>) from one of the SPM sample datasets (Advanced Event-related fMRI - Repetition priming - SPM99, stats.tar.gz).

Mapping this volume to the PALS_B12 SPM2 left hemisphere fiducial surfaces and generating the average of the 12 mappings produces this output (visualized on the flat map):

BEFORE 4/13/2005 patch AFTER 4/13/2005 patch

The green ID nodes are in the same location in both captures, to provide reference points.

With the patch, the hot spots are punched up a bit.