Main Window Toolbar

image of toolbar

Model Selection Combo Box  This control allows selection of the surface that is viewed in the main window.  Press the mouse over it and it will list the surfaces that are loaded.

View  Select View mode, the default Caret mouse mode.  

Selects a medial view of the surface in the window.

L  Lateral View.

A  Anterior View.

P  Posterior View.

D  Dorsal View.

V  Ventral View.

R  Reset to the default view.

X  Rotate surface 90 degrees around X axis.

Y  Rotate surface 90 degrees around Y axis.

Z  Rotate surface 90 degrees around Z axis.

Rotation Axis Combo Box Selects the rotation axis when in View Mode.  The choices are X, Y, Z, and XY.

D/C  Brings up the display control dialog for selecting overlays and underlays.

Spec  Brings up a list of file in the currently loaded spec file so that they can be quickly opened.