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meant to post to list, so it goes in the archives

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Subject: Re: [Surefit-users] Drawing Cuts
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 07:55:57 -0500
From: Donna Hanlon <donna at v1.wustl.edu>
To: Roland Marcus Rutschmann <Roland.M.Rutschmann at uni-oldenburg.de>
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Hi Roland,

Roland Marcus Rutschmann wrote:
> this one's to the list in case anybody else is listening there by now :-)

Nope -- you're still the only one. ;-)

> After experimenting a little I think I can draw cuts through the calcarine
> sulcus by now. (For occipital and whole hemisph. flattening).
> What about the other cuts though? There are some for the medial cuts in Tut.6
> but the other cuts are just left in place.
> Is this the general policy? Did I miss some documentation? Any tips?

You didn't miss any documentation.  General policy is to leave these
cuts alone, unless they run through an area of specific interest.  For
example, The "lobar cuts" coord/topo file in caret tutorial 1 is an
example of an alternate set of cuts that leaves the orbito-frontal area
intact, for those researchers who care only about that area.  This set
of cuts was created by specific request from such researchers.  You are
free to draw your own, or accept the rest of the template cuts (i.e.,
those other than the medial wall and calcarine).

> PS: I just had a strange caret behavior. The flat map was distorted while it
> was allright yesterday. Only think I rember to change was getting some metric
> filse with Map2Surface. The only files with todays date are those metric
> files and the updated spec-file.
> I don't want to make a fuss until I can reproduce this, but if anybody had
> the same problem ...

If you can provide a screen capture (preferably in jpg/gif, but ppm,
tif, bmp or other image formats are fine, too), we can get a better idea
of the nature of the distortion.  Also, let us know what files were
toggled on in your spec file options:

	ref coord
	aux coord
	surface shape

One thing that makes a flat map look funny is when you select a closed
topo file with a flat coord file.  That combination will look bizarre
when tile is toggled on.  Also, there typically are multiple options in
the surface shape control, and the map will look different based on
which option is selected.

What were your overlay and underlay selections?

I'm copying John Harwell, since he is the Caret guru.  (I'm the SureFit
guru, and this is the SureFit mailing list, but as you can see,
overposting is not a problem here, and SureFit lives to feed Caret, so I
consider it on-topic.)


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