[caret-users] Incorrect Macaque.TEMPLATE-CUTS.LEFT-HEM.SPHERE.border; corrected version available

David Van Essen vanessen at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Wed Oct 1 14:40:59 CDT 2003


On looking at the data set you uploaded, it turns out that the 
Macaque.TEMPLATE-CUTS.LEFT-HEM.SPHERE.border file you were using was 
inadvertently aligned incorrectly, and that was causing the problem you 

A corrected version has been generated and put into SuMS.  It is 
renamed Macaque.TEMPLATE-CUTS.LEFT-HEM.SPHERE.03-09.border to indicate 
the date it was corrected.

Below is a hyperlink directly to this file:

Alternatively, you can search for:  

Apologies for any inconveniences with the previous incorrect file.

D Van Essen

>> 6. After that, the program places an inflated surface in REF, and a 
>> "medial-wall compressed" surface in AUX, and it shows the template 
>> borders on both.  These borders fall way off target.  For example, 
>> the red circle for the medial wall cutout is encircling the frontal 
>> pole.  Have I done something wrong to lead to this?
> I'm not sure what the problem is here.  John might be able to answer, 
> or he might ask you to upload the data set to us so we can decipher it 
> with the data in hand.
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