[caret-users] registration to atlas

David Van Essen vanessen at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Wed Oct 8 12:03:16 CDT 2003


It won't matter at all which fiducial surface you choose  if they 
differ only in translation.  If they differ in shape (as occurs for 
different versions of the human atlas), it would make a very small 
difference in the registration, as the fiducial surface is used to 
limit areal distortion in regions between landmarks.


On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 11:20 AM, Mark A. Pinsk wrote:

> Hi, i'm attempting to register a monkey flat map to the monkey atlas.  
> When I prepare to execute the registration process, I have to specify 
> the appropriate spec files for the individual and atlas surfaces etc.  
> Will it matter which fiducial file i choose if I have 2 of them (one 
> in native space from surefit, and another that is translated to match 
> the original whole brain volume (for AFNI linkage)?   More generally, 
> my flat surfaces etc are created from the native space 
> fiducial/inflated/ellipsoid surfaces, should I be translating those 3 
> surfaces in any way prior to doing any flattening and/or does anything 
> need to be translated prior to the registration process (or can I just 
> keep everything in native space)?
> thanks
> mark
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