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Mark A. Pinsk mapinsk at excite.com
Thu Oct 9 10:06:54 CDT 2003

Hi John, ok that makes sense.  I'll check to see if it's missing.  So if I ever create a new metric file, I just have to "deform surface map" for it, correct?

One other quick question: i'd like to inflate my inflated surface even more than surefit did (make it "very-inflated").  do i use Surface-->Smoothing-->Smoothing ?  If that's appropriate, can you tell me the parameters I should use in the pop up window for this?

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Hi Mark,<br><br>This indicates that the registration process was unable to deform these <br>three files from the Macaque.F99UA1 surface to your surface.  Most <br>likely these 3 files were listed in the Macaque.F99UA1 ".spec" file but <br>the program did not find the actual files (perhaps they are missing).  <br>In any case, unless you are interested in seeing these three data files <br>on your surface, there is not a problem.  If you would like to see <br>these data files on your surface, it is not necessary to run the <br>registration again.  Instead, Surface:Deform Surface Maps:Apply <br>Deformation Map can be used to deform data files with the deformation <br>map file that is created during the registration process.<br><br>----------------------------------------------------------<br>John Harwell<br>john at v1.wustl.edu<br><br>Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology<br>Washington University School of Medicine<br>660 S. Euclid Ave.    Box 8108<br>St. Louis, MO 63110   USA<br><br><br>On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 12:08 AM, Mark A. Pinsk wrote:<br><br>><br>> I've completed the registration of the monkey RH to the atlas.  During <br>> the procedure I received 3 similar error windows listed below.  It <br>> looks like the registration completed in any case, but are these <br>> errors problematic (I'm not sure if I need these files)?<br>><br>> "Unable to open paint file..."<br>> 1) Macaque.F99UA1.R.LEWIS_VE.03-01.35946.areal_estimation<br>> 2) Macaque.F99UA1.R.MODALITIES.03-02.35946.areal_estimation<br>> 3) Macaque.F99UA1.R.FELLEMAN_VE91.03-06-05.35946.areal_estimation<br>> "...for deformation"<br>><br>> thanks<br>> mark<br>><br>><br>> _______________________________________________<br>> Join Excite! - http://www.excite.com<br>> The most personalized portal on the Web!<br>> _______________________________________________<br>> caret-users mailing list<br>> caret-users at pulvinar.wustl.edu<br>> http://pulvinar.wustl.edu/mailman/listinfo/caret-users<br>><br>><br><br>

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