[caret-users] monkey atlas symmetry

Mark A. Pinsk mapinsk at excite.com
Wed Oct 15 13:04:45 CDT 2003

Has anyone noticed that the left and right flat cartesian surfaces of the monkey atlas are very asymmetrical on the posterior ends?  The RH looks great, but the LH is much more curved around the calcarine fissure and looks like it has a much larger OG.  I suspect this is due to the calcarine cut that was made, and I'm itching to redo it, but I wonder if that will screw anything up for warping to the atlas.   Since this is an atlas, and I'd like to use if for displaying data in figures for example, I'd prefer to have the hemispheres completely symmetrical, even a mirror copy of the RH would be a good solution.   Would this even be possible, or am I stuck w/ it as it is?


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