[caret-users] SureFit Problem

Donna Hanlon donna at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Wed Oct 29 12:01:31 CST 2003

Hi Rishi,

This is the first report of an abort in the middle of a gradient 
operation.  You said you ran the same data through SureFit before 
without running into this problem.  (I'm guessing you removed the spaces 
from the directory pathnames that were causing the problems you reported 
previously and were re-running the segmentation.)

If you can replicate this problem by running the dataset yet again, then 
my next step will be to ask you to run python in gdb, which I can walk 
you through.  It's a bit painful, but it's the only way we can get to 
the bottom of this crash, short of you providing me remote access on 
your machine.  If it comes to that, we'll hash out the details off-list.

Meanwhile, try it again and let me know what happens.

You're running Linux, right?


Rishi Kalwani wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to segment a volume using SureFit but it aborted before it 
> completed the Surface Construction.  I didn't have this problem before 
> when I tried to generate a surface with this data.  Anyway, here is the 
> error I got:
> Direction cosine 4: -1.14 -0.83 0.702482
> Direction cosine 5: 0.43 -1.34 0.702482
> /usr/local/SUREfit/bin/SureFit: line 26: 21604 Aborted                 
> in/python -c "import $command" $* 2>surefit.err
> What could the problem be?  thanks
> rishi
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