[caret-users] segmentation fault upon exit

David Van Essen vanessen at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Tue Sep 16 23:33:46 CDT 2003


Donna Hanlon is out for a while - she sent an earlier email heads-up 
that she was expecting a baby this month.  As of yesterday she has 
transited from expectation to reality, with a healthy baby girl.

I have consulted with John Harwell regarding your query.  
Unfortunately, we do not have a clear diagnosis of the problem nor a 
clear solution to propose.  Hopefully Donna will start reading her 
email sometime in the next week or so; if so, she may have some 


On Tuesday, September 16, 2003, at 09:16 AM, Mark A. Pinsk wrote:

> THanks Johannes.  I have tried this, but no change.  This error does 
> not occur when I load a volume.  Only when a process ends (whether it 
> be me exiting the SureFit GUI, or at the end of using a command such 
> as Analyze2Minc).
> -Mark
>  --- On Tue 09/16,  < johannes at pet.mpin-koeln.mpg.de > wrote:
> From:  [mailto: johannes at pet.mpin-koeln.mpg.de]
> To: mapinsk at mailexcite.com, caret-users at pulvinar.wustl.edu
> Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 09:24:34 +0200
> Subject: Re: [caret-users] segmentation fault upon exit
> Loading a volume gave me the same crash on one of my machines.<br>Did 
> you try the following suggestion from the release notes?<br><br>If you 
> are running Linux on a Pentium 4 processor, and SureFit 
> crashes<br>when you try to load a .mnc volume, then insert the 
> following line into<br>$SFHOME/bin/utility.sh just before the line 
> that sets PYTHONHOME:<br><br>export 
> MESA_NO_3DNOW=Y<br><br>Johannes<br><br>
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