[caret-users] removing skull full hemisphere

Donna Hanlon donna at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Thu Jul 15 11:50:39 CDT 2004

Hi Marc,

What happens when you move your cursor over the narrowest part of the 
connecting bridge in the surface window and press 'p' (for 'pick') on 
your keyboard?  This should take your slice window cross-hairs to the 
corresponding voxel in the segmentation (assuming you have *segment*mnc 
loaded as volume 2).


On 07/15/2004 11:45 AM, Marc Malloy wrote:

> Hello
> I am attempting to remove skull from a full hemisphere segmentation.  
> I can locate the appendages that connect skull to brain on the 
> inflated surface but cannot find them on the segmented volume.  Is 
> there an "easy" way to locate them on the segmented volume?  Thanks.
> marc
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