[caret-users] CARET newbie question

Donna Hanlon donna at pulvinar.wustl.edu
Wed Jul 21 15:13:55 CDT 2004

On 07/21/2004 02:58 PM, Jeff Browndyke, Ph.D. wrote:

>Hello all,
>Sorry in advance for the annoying newbie question but, can CARET / SUREfit
>do the following:
>1.) generate cortical thickness data for later use in VBM
No, but Freesurfer can.

>2.) generate fMRI activity group maps based upon surface-based registration
Yes, and this is an area of rapid improvement at the moment (both caret5 
and our atlases).

You can also map functional group maps based on volume-based 
registration (e.g., if your group data is in a supported atlas space 
such as SPM, afni, or 711-2B.

But if you have segmented all your subjects and registered them to an 
atlas target, then you can map the individual subjects' functional data 
onto their respective surfaces; apply the deformation map to the 
resulting metric files; and average the deformed metric files.

>3.) output surface-based fMRI data in a format usable by SPM or AFNI for
>between-group analyses
>I've bought into the relative superiority of surface-based registration for
>cortical fMRI data, but I'm still at a loss as to how one could carry
>surface registered fMRI data out to a logical extension and perform
>between-group fMRI comparisons (e.g., normals vs. patient samples).
>Any tips or redirects would be most appreciated.
Dr. Van Essen is writing a paper for Neuroimage on this subject, but I 
don't know the target publication date.  Perhaps he would be willing to 
make a preprint version available to the list.  (Or perhaps he's still 
writing it. ;-)  He's out of the office today, but will return tomorrow.

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