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Donna Hanlon donna at brainvis.wustl.edu
Fri Jul 30 16:14:39 CDT 2004


When I'm flattening and get only 89 crossovers, sometimes I'm relieved.

But I was able to see the two areas that could be improved in your 

In caret, when you try to flatten, you can see two patches in the 
compressed medial wall view (see attached file 
crossover_patches_cmw.jpg).  The trouble spots are painted red, but 
they're small and hard to see, so I placed a green id node just to the 
right and below the one on the calcarine sulcus and one at either end of 
the larger parahippocampal gyrus (PHG) one.  The attached file 
crossover_patches_inflated.jpg shows the trouble spots on the inflated view.

When drawing your flattening cuts, you can draw around the PHG handle, 
and it will be excised from the surface for flattening purposes.  But if 
you plan to do surface-based registration, this might come back to haunt 

The other one is right on the calcarine sulcus, and you might get lucky 
and draw your calcarine cut right over it.

But it's better to fix it in the segmentation -- especially if you're 
going to do registration.


On 07/30/2004 02:25 PM, mellanie.springer at utoronto.ca wrote:

>I have only 2 errors remaining in my segmentation.  I decided to go ahead and 
>flatten the surface.  However, my flattened surface ended up with 89 node 
>crossovers and 108 tile crossovers.  I am unable to identify the remaining 2 
>errors that are causing this large number of crossovers.  Would you be able to 
>please take a look at the data?  I have uploaded the files.
>Thank You,
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