[caret-users] newbie question

Sasha Wolosin wolosin at kennedykrieger.org
Wed Jun 13 17:55:56 CDT 2007

Dear Caret users,

I am interested in using Caret to get sulcal depth values from FreeSurfer files.  

Following instructions on page 13 of the "User's Guide to Analysis Procedures", I was able to import a FreeSurfer file ("lh.smoothwm.asc") as  .spec, .topo, and .coord files in Caret5.5, and also view the surface.

When I attempted to generate a sulcal depth file, a ".vtk" file was requested.  What is a .vtk file and how do I create one?  

Also if anyone could please point me to more documentation on generating sulcal depth or .vtk files, I would greatly appreciate it.


Sasha Wolosin
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Developmental Cognitive Neurology
Kennedy Krieger Institute
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Baltimore, MD 21205
ph: (443) 923-9270
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