[caret-users] Upgraded brainvis yesterday (mail, web, lists)

Donna Dierker donna at brainvis.wustl.edu
Fri Mar 21 15:18:41 CDT 2008

Hi caret-users,

You may have noticed problems accessing brainvis and/or 
sending/receiving messages within the last day or so.  I hope they 
haven't been too bad, and I think most of them have been resolved.

If you have trouble and can't get through on the list, contact 
donna at brainvis.wustl.edu directly or upload a file named like 
list_trouble_yourname.txt to this site:


This plain text file should contain the text of the email that couldn't 
get through to the list.

Soon, it will be time for me to sample our hometown brewery's products 


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