[caret-users] FW: Flat map distortions

Marc Van Baelen Marc.VanBaelen at psy.kuleuven.be
Mon Aug 24 04:17:29 CDT 2009

Dear all,

To clarify the flat map distortion problem that I have posted in a previous message, I added some image capture files.

I have the following problem making flat maps using CARET 5.51. When the flat map is finished, it looks fine. When I close CARET and reopen it again, the flat map looks striped. I made an ‘image capture’ of the flat map before I closed CARET (see image ‘flatmap_normal’) and when I reopended the flat map (see image ‘flatmap_striped’). I have the impression that the stripes converge to a central point on the flat map. Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of these stripes? I use the flat map to select a region of interest and I am afraid that the stripes might influence the selection. When saving the aligned surface files, I use the default options (indicated in the manual).

Kind regards,
Marc Van Baelen
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