[caret-users] FW: Flat map distortions

David Van Essen vanessen at brainvis.wustl.edu
Mon Aug 24 09:44:02 CDT 2009


Matt's analysis is correct.  But if you have multiple topo files  
loaded, use the Surfaces: Topology: Set Topology Assigned to Surfaces,  
select the flat coord file, and assign it to the the desired cut  
topo.  Once duly assigned, then save the flat coord file (overwriting  
the old version) to preserve this default assignment.


On Aug 24, 2009, at 7:33 AM, Matt Glasser wrote:

> I think you are loading the wrong cut topology file when you open  
> the spec
> file.  Try some of the other topo files in the spec file till you  
> find the
> one that looks right.
> Peace,
> Matt.
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> Dear all,
> To clarify the flat map distortion problem that I have posted in a  
> previous
> message, I added some image capture files.
> I have the following problem making flat maps using CARET 5.51. When  
> the
> flat map is finished, it looks fine. When I close CARET and reopen  
> it again,
> the flat map looks striped. I made an 'image capture' of the flat  
> map before
> I closed CARET (see image 'flatmap_normal') and when I reopended the  
> flat
> map (see image 'flatmap_striped'). I have the impression that the  
> stripes
> converge to a central point on the flat map. Does anyone have an  
> idea how to
> get rid of these stripes? I use the flat map to select a region of  
> interest
> and I am afraid that the stripes might influence the selection. When  
> saving
> the aligned surface files, I use the default options (indicated in the
> manual).
> Kind regards,
> Marc Van Baelen
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