[caret-users] Error in number of nodes

Alon Keren alonker at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 02:10:57 CST 2009

  Hi Donna,

I have checked the byte counts and found the following:

1,769,695 bytes

885,294 bytes

4,134,251 bytes

There is a slight difference from your byte counts only in the topo file.
Anyway, I have turned back to caret 5.5 and the problem is gone (i.e. I can
open the above files without any error). It only occurs with the recent
versions 5.61 and 5.612.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 12:52 PM, Alon Keren <alonker at gmail.com> wrote:

>   Hello,
> Recently I have upgraded to caret 5.612 (the previous version I used was
> from 2007). I am trying to open an old spec file, but I receive an error
> message stating that there the coord file contains no nodes, and that the
> surface shape contains different number of nodes than another file (the
> message is cut). The error message is attached.
> The files I'm using are taken from the SumsDB:
> PALS_B12.RIGHT.REFERENCE-Surfaces_Volumes.73730.spec
> Human.sphere_6.RIGHT_HEM.73730.topo
> Human_Buck_Case02.R.F.RegToPALS_B12.LR.FIDUCIAL_711-2C.align.73730Human.PALS_B12.LR.BUCK1-12_RIGHT-DEPTHnr_INDIVIDUAL_Avg_StdDev.73730.surface_shape
> I've tried downloading the earlier version 5.61, but I received the same
> error.
> What seems to be the reason for that, and how can I fix that?
> Thanks,
> Alon S. Keren
> PhD Student
> Leon Deouell's Human Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
> Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation
> The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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