[caret-users] Beginner's question about right location of PALS atlas

spoulin at mclean.harvard.edu spoulin at mclean.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 8 21:06:42 CST 2009

Dear Caret users,

I am a newcomer in the world of Caret and I am going over the tutorial. I
have a small problem with one of the proposed examples.

In the Caret Tutorial - the Basics of Sept 22nd 2006, page 28 point 1.23.2
Projecting Foci: when I perform this step, a get a popup saying "Unable to
find PALS atlases.  Is caret installed properly?"

My computer is a Mac and the OS is Leopard.
I use the latest version of Caret.
I installed the folder CARET_TUTORIAL_SEPT06 that contains the PALS
atlases in /Applications/caret/caret5_help/tutorials

What am I missing?

Thanks for you help


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