[caret-users] question about projection to surface

Paul Aparicio aparicio at mit.edu
Mon Apr 26 17:46:31 CDT 2010

Dear Caret Users,

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me.  I would like to project
to the surface a list of arbitrary points from the volume space?  For
example, if I have a 3 column matrix of X, Y and Z coordinates that are
continuous points, not voxel indices (i.e.  [-23.4521 35.6711 62.8789 =
point 1; -22.6574 34.2345 63.4536 = point 2; ect..), and I would like to see
where these points are when projected to the reconstructed caret surface.
 Also I would like to know what the spatial uncertainty is in terms of the
spread of the projection point on the surface, is this possible?

Thanks so much for any help,
best regards

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