[caret-users] 转发: error about the view the spec file

John Harwell john at brainvis.wustl.edu
Tue Apr 27 08:31:19 CDT 2010

We have had a couple of reports of a problem similar to this on Windows computers that have the characters set to an Asian language instead of English.  I believe that switching to an English character set has resolved the problem.  We have not been able to reproduce the problem in our lab.


On Apr 27, 2010, at 6:12 AM, xuqiang_uestc wrote:

> Dear Sir
>    I am a user of caret5 and I meet a problem. In linux workstation ,I can easily overload the the spec files, but in windows, there comes a problem. I can run the exe, and can open the menu which leads me to open the spec files. But after I configure the selection, the exe  just stop and can not go on. Even I leave it alone for an hour , it does not change the condition.  I have tried this exe in windows xp ,windows viste and windows 7. All windows operation systems failed.
> version 5.613
> 2010-04-27
> xuqiang_uestc
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