[caret-users] can we directly use Freesurfer generated sphere as registration input

Donna Dierker donna at brainvis.wustl.edu
Fri Mar 5 08:50:17 CST 2010

Hi Jidan,

I saw your other post, too, but it's not as easy to answer, and I think
I've already told you what I know in previous posts about that. Still,
I'll take another shot at it later.

This question is easy: You can use the Freesurfer sphere, but the
existing parameters in the TEMPLATE_REG-with-POP-AVG_4K_NoFid.deform_map
will not work the same as they would with a downsampled mesh. I
typically don't get as far as this, because to draw the landmarks needed
for registration, you need an inflated surface, and without
downsampling, the reference distances used in the Core 6 landmark
guidelines don't have the same meaning, because the surface is not as
unfolded/inflated as it would be with a downsampled mesh.

So you can do it, but the whole core 6 landmarks framework that allows
you to compare across studies using the PALS-B12 atlas is in jeopardy.
You may not care about this, though.


On 03/04/2010 08:11 PM, z丹丹 wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw the information that Donna mentioned about the surface source.
> So Caret can handle the cortical surface generated from Freesurfer.
> Then you generate sphere in CARET based on the cortical surface for
> spherical registration. But can we also directly use the Freesurfer
> generated sphere for CARET's spherical regisration?
> Thank you.
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