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清水祐一郎 yuichirosmz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 06:56:44 CST 2012

Thank you for a quick reply.

I found and downloaded the files that you mentioned.
Using the files, I've tried mapping.
I added R.MyelinMapping.metric to the
Fig4_fsaverage_Conte-69.164k_fs_LR.spec, and in the Display Control, tried
to set the metric file.
But, I couldn't find the metric file and overlay the R.MyelinMapping.metric
onto the FIDUCIAL

On the other hand, I also tried mapping L.MyelinMapping.metric onto the
left fiducial coordinates.

I completely obeyed the process described in the website, CaretOperation,
using the downloaded data.
And then, I made a spec file below.
First, I added the topo and coord files.
There were topo.gii and coord.gii files so I renamed the files eraseing
Then I changed the spec file's resolution. I set the number of nodes, 2562.
Finally, I overlayed L.MyelinMapping.metric

But, the myelin mapping pattern is different from the Figure 3 (Glasser et
al. 2011).
In Fig.3, the regions around the central sulcus and occipital lobe are
strongly mylinated.
But, the result that I obtained showed the pattern that the middle and
upper part of
the brain is myelinated.

Is there any wrong procedure?

Furthermore, I analyzed other images that were taken in our MRI scanner.

MRI scanner (3 Tesla GE Healthcare Signa HDxt)
 T1w images: SPGR TR 7400 ms, TE 3 ms, TI 600 ms, FA = 10, FOV = 256 x 256,
1 mm slice
 T2w images: CUBE(XETA) TR 2500 ms, TE 80 ms, FOV = 256 x 256, 1 mm slice

I obtained plausible thickness maps, but the intensity in myelin.metric are
all zero!
Although the scanning condition seems to be the same as the paper, the
results are apparently wrong.
I'm at a loss what is wrong.

I appreciate your kindful instruction.

Yuichiro Shimizu

2012/11/9 Donna Dierker <donna at brainvis.wustl.edu>

> Matt might get to this, but here are some clues based on how I'd proceed
> in your shoes:
> Find a figure in one of our papers like the one I want to make, e.g.:
> http://sumsdb.wustl.edu/sums/archivelist.do?archive_id=8288739&archive_name=Fig4_fsaverage_Conte-69.164k_fs_LR.spec
> (I couldn't find the sumsdb dir for Matt's myelin paper, but I think
> David's paper will work for the purposes of jumpstarting you into a
> visualization spec.)
> Fig 4D from the drop-down menu could just as easily have a myelin map
> overlaid on it.
> Download that spec and overlay your maps on the Conte69 inflated surface.
> This is probably not as step-by-step as you would like, but this happens
> to be a very busy time for everyone.  If you run into trouble, post again.
> On Nov 9, 2012, at 12:31 AM, 清水祐一郎 <yuichirosmz at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > According to the web page Caret operation:MyelinMapping, I've obtained
> the final results: L.MyelinMapping.metric, R.MyelinMapping.metric,
> T1wdividedbyT2w.nii.gz, and T1wdividedbyT2w_ribbon.nii.gz.
> > The detail condition is described below.
> >
> > -information about my analysis procedure
> > individual MRI data: downloaded from NAMIC
> > recon-all by FreeSurfer(stable5-20110522) in CentOS5.5 64 bit
> > myelinmapping by Caret5 ver.5.65 in Windows7 64 bit
> >
> > Through the processes, no error message was displayed.
> > Furthermore, I confirmed that the T1wdividedbyT2w.nii.gz image is
> comparable with an other result image, the original T1w image divided by
> the registered T2w imageby by ImCalc in spm8.
> >
> > However, I have trouble in viewing the result of MyelinMapping.metric on
> the inflated surface as shown in the paper (Glasser et al. 2012)
> >
> > When I try to open the L.MyelinMapping.metric, 'Creat Spec File' window
> is open.
> > I don't know how to make a spec file.
> >
> > Tentatively, I set the subject name and chose 'left' as the structure.
> > Next, I pushed the OK button for 'creat new column' for left smoothed
> corrected myelin map.
> > Finally, I got an error message, Error: L.MyelinMapping.metric: Contains
> different number of nodes than.
> >
> > In addition to this, I tried 'Add Document File to Spec File'.
> > I added a topo.file, a coord.file, and a structural 3D image.
> > It did not work, too.
> >
> > Because I'm a newcomer as Caret user, I'd like detailed information.
> >
> > Thank you in advance.
> >
> > Yuichiro Shimizu
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