[caret-users] Errors in Stage-3.FS-to-F99.sh: Expected '>' or '/', but got '[0-9]'

Caspar M. Schwiedrzik cschwiedrz at mail.rockefeller.edu
Fri Feb 7 08:23:34 CST 2014


I am running into some error messages try to align a Freesurfer surface to
the F99.
The errors arise in the Stage-3.FS-to-F99.sh script and have been described
on the list before:

Specifically, I am getting the following messages:

BrainSet construction error: Expected '>' or '/', but got '[0-9]'.
SURFACE DISTORTION ERROR: unable to find second surface.


SCENE CREATION ERROR: Expected '>' or '/', but got '[0-9]'.
Expected '>' or '/', but got '[0-9]'.
Expected '>' or '/', but got '[0-9]'.

Unfortunately, the previous thread did not provide a solution.
Is there a known way to get around this?
Thanks, Caspar
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