[caret-users] ROI Surface Area Calculation

沈庄明 zhmshen at ion.ac.cn
Tue Feb 18 21:18:30 CST 2014

Hi everyone,
We use Caret to calculate roi surface area in our paper: 
Brief steps includes: 
1.Draw border on the “veryinflated”  brain , which was saved as paint file; 
2.Then perform a  series of “Region of Interest opreations…” under “Surface” including:
a)Surface: midthickness 
c)Selection Source: paint
d)Selcetion logic: normal
e)After selecting nodes, “Paint statics ” with surface correction was used to report paint area.

Here, I have three questions:
1)Is it correct to calculate area? 
2)Can the paint area represent the surface area?
3)Which paper should be cited?


Zhuangming Shen

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