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File Menu

  • Preferences - Displays the Preferences Window.
  • Set Current Directory - Sets the current directory. Note: When a Spec File is opened, Caret automatically sets the current directory to the directory containing the Spec File.
  • Previous Spec Files - A submenu containing previously opened Spec Files. Selecting one of the previously loaded Spec Files, displays the Spec File in the Spec File Dialog.
  • Open Specification File - Displays a file selection dialog for selecting a Spec File that is displayed in the Spec File Window.
  • Open Specification File From Web - Displays a dialog for selecting a Spec File on the World Wide Web that is displayed in the Specification File Window.
  • Close Spec File - Closes the current Spec File removing all loaded files from Caret6.
  • Open Data File - Displays a file selection dialog for opening a data file.
  • Manage and Save Loaded Files - Displays the Manage Loaded Files Dialog that lists all currently loaded files. This dialog may be used to remove individual files from memory, save modified files, and edit metadata and column metadata in loaded data files.
  • Capture Image - Displays the Capture Image Window for capturing images of the Main Window.
  • Exit - exits the Caret6 program.
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