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Yoking links the views of models in multiple windows.

Types of Yoking

  • Normal yoking uses the same viewing transformation data in all windows. Thus, when viewing a left surface from a lateral perspective, a yoked right surface is seen from a medial view.
  • Right/Left Lateral/Medial yoking applies an additional transformation so that when viewing a lateral left surface, a yoked right surface is also seen from a lateral view.
  • Are other types of yoking needed?
    • Volume viewing (slice coordinates)
    • Multiple views of a single surface

Yoking GUI

  • Should the two yoking controls be combined into a single control (group and type in single control)? If other yoking types are added, the user might be able to select a yoking group with incompatible yoking types.
  • What are good names for the types of yoking?
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