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Files in Caret

Caret reads and writes a variety of files.

Several classes of interest are located in the Common project.


DataFileInterface modeled after a Java Interface, essentially a class with all methods being pure virtual methods. It provides a common interface for all files that defines methods common to all files. These methods include getting the name of the file, setting the name of the file, reading the file, and writing the file. It also extends TracksModificationInterface which is described on this page.


DataFile implements some methods of DataFileInterface and all methods in TracksModificationInterface. The read and write methods remain pure virtual methods.


This exception is thrown by file methods such as when trying to read a file and the file is missing or incorrectly formatted.


TracksModificationInterface describes an interface (all pure virtual methods) that maintains the modification status of an object. Any object that is part of a file will need to implement this interface.

Files in Caret

All files classes in Caret should extend DataFile (or one of its descendants) and implement the read and write methods.


The GIFTI project contains a GiftiFile class that can read, write, and manipulate GIFTI files. Located in the Files project is a class named GiftiTypeFile. GiftiTypeFile encapsulates GiftiFile. GiftiTypeFile is extended by classes that implement specific types of GIFTI files such as surface, label, metric, and shape files.

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