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My approach to a rewrite would be, on a per-module basis is:

  1. caret - needs rewrite, 237K lines
  2. caret_brain_set - needs rewrite, 179K lines
  3. caret_cifti - used as is, 3K lines
  4. caret_command - used as is, 1K lines
  5. caret_command_operations - used as is, 87K lines
  6. caret_common - We may be able to reuse parts of this, 11K lines
  7. caret_files - needs ground up rewrite, 97K lines
  8. caret_gifti - rewritten to get rid of dependence on caret_files, 21K lines
  9. caret_statistics - ?, 19K lines
  10. caret_uniformize - ?, 4K lines
  11. caret_vtk4_classes - will absorb any functionality we need from vtk, we will no longer use vtk, 2K lines
  12. caret_widgets - most of these can be reused, 10K lines
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