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Citing SumsDB

Use of SumsDB and datasets contained within SumsDB can be referenced in several ways.

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Publications describing SumsDB

  • Van Essen, D.C., Harwell, J., Hanlon, D, and Dickson, J. (2005) Surface-Based Atlases and a Database of Cortical Structure and Function. In: Databasing the Brain: From Data to Knowledge (Neuroinformatics). S.H. Koslow and S. Subramaniam, eds., John Wiley & Sons, NJ, pp. 369-387
  • Dickson, J., Drury, H., and Van Essen, D.C. (2001) The surface management system (SuMS) database: A surface-based database to aid cortical surface reconstruction, visualization and analysis. Phil. Trans. Royal Soc, Ser B 356:1277-1292

Links to Specific SumsDB Datasets

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