Support metric operations on CIFTI files

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The challenge with this is the fact that metric files by defintion only refer to a single region. Cifti files refer to multiple regions. I propose that we use the syntax of BrainStructureType|ciftifilename when using a Cifti file where we normally use a metric file. I can add modify caret5's metric file IO so that when it sees the above syntax with a Cifti file, it will grab the correct data from the matrix.

i.e. in the case of -metric-roi-gradient: caret_command -metric-roi-gradient input.coord.gii input.topo.gii CIFTI_STRUCTURE_CORTEX_LEFT|ciftifile.dtseries.nii CIFTI_STRUCTURE_CORTEXT_LEFT|outputciftifile.dtseries.nii true 3.0

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