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Annotation Operations Window

This dialog is used to perform operations on Annotations. Annotations are text that is anchored to surface nodes. On the left are controls for creating and selecting Annotations. On the right is a section that contains the attributes of the selected Annotation.

Annotation Add, Delete, Edit Page

Annotation Selection

  • Annotation Index Spinner - Use this control to sequence through the annotation.
  • First - Display the first Annotation.
  • Last - Display the last Annotation.
  • Choose By Text - Displays a dialog containing the texts from all Annotations. Select the text of the Annotation for editing.

File Operations

  • Adds a new Annotation - In the right side of this window, enter the text for the Annotation. Next, press the Node Number button and select the surface node to which the Annotation is attached.
  • Create From Labels - Displays a dialog that allows the selection of a label file column. For each label in the label file column, an Annotation is created and is anchored to the node nearest the average coordinate of the nodes assigned the label.
  • Delete All Annotations - Deletes all of the Annotations (clears the Annotation File).

Annotation Operations

  • Delete Annotation - Deletes the Annotation that is being edited.

Annotation Data

  • Node Number - The node to which the Annotation is anchored. Press the Node Number button to set the node by clicking on a node in the surface displayed in the Main Window.
  • Text - The text that is displayed for the Annotation. If this value is changed, press the Apply button to update the brain models in the Main or Viewing Windows.
  • Class Name - Allows grouping of associated Annotations.
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