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Label Operations Window

Edit Label Colors Page

Use this page to edit the label colors.

NOTE: Since multiple structures may be loaded and each structure has its own LabelFile, use the Structure control at the top of this page to select the structure for which coloring editing takes place.

Color Names

This section contains a list of the current label colors. To edit a label color, simply click the name of the label color and modify the color's components in the Color Component Editing section. Press the Apply button to update the surface coloring in the graphics windows.

  • New Color Button - Press this to enter a new color name.
  • Change Name - Changes the name of the currently selected color.
  • Delete Selected Color - Press this button to delete the selected color.

Color Component Editing

A the top of this section is an alternating black and white pattern. For opaque colors (Alpha = 255) this pattern is not seen. As the Alpha value is reduced, this black and white pattern appears. Its purpose is to provide feedback for transparent colors (those with Alpha less than 255).

  • Name - Name of the currently edit color.
  • Red - The red color component.
  • Green - The green color component.
  • Blue - The blue color component.
  • Alpha - The alpha (transparency) color component.

Advanced - Pressing this button provides other user-interface components for setting a color's components.

Edit Labels Page

  • Structure - Structure whose labels are displayed for editing.
  • Operations
    • Delete All Unused Labels - Deletes all labels that are not assigned to any node.
  • Labels
    • Key - Key of the label.
    • Edit Label Name - Press button containing name of label to change the label's name.
    • Count - Number of nodes using a label.
    • Color Editing - Shows a color swatch of the label's color. Pressing the Edit Color button allow editing of the color.
    • Deassign - Pressing the D button will deassign all nodes using the label.
    • Reassign - Pressing the R button allows reassignment of a label to another, existing label.
    • Delete - Deletes the label and deassigns all nodes using the label.
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