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Specification File Dialog

Allows the user to choose files from a data set that are loaded into Caret6.

Note: If any files are removed from the spec file or have their structure changed, the specification file on disk is updated when the Load or Close button is pressed.


  • All - Displays all files listed in the specification file.
  • Border - Displays only border files.
  • Foci - Displays only foci-related files.
  • Geometry - Displays geometry related files such as Surfaces and Topology.
  • Label - Displays only label files.
  • Metric - Displays only metric files.
  • Scene - Displays only scene files.
  • Shape - Displays only shape files.
  • Volume - Displays only volume files.
  • Other - Displays files that do not fall within any of the categories listed above.

File Listings

  • Checkbox - If the checkbox is checked, the file will be loaded.
  • X - If pressed, removes the file from the spec file. The file itself IS NOT deleted.
  • A structure selection combo box is displayed for files that are structure specific. A valid structure must be selected.
  • Filename - Name of the file.


  • Load - If pressed, all checked files are loaded.
  • Select All - If selected, all files have their checkboxes checked.
  • Deselect All - If selected, all files have their checkboxes deselected.
  • Close - Closes this window.
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