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List on this page new features that might be useful additions to Caret6/Connectome Workbench.

Dense Time Series Overlay and Time Series Time Course

  1. Add Time course time box to Time Series Overlay
  2. Matching Color of Node sphere and Time Course Line When you have the Time Series Time Course overlay on and you click on a node on a surface or volume, it would be helpful if the sphere that shows up on the surface was the same color as the time course line in the graph. This should help when comparing multiple locations and their time courses.
  3. Time Course Peak/Point Picking It would be great to have the interactive ability to click on a peak or point (say at 500 sec) in the Time Course and for that to take you to the corresponding Overlay Time Point (250) in the Time Series Overlay and show as a sphere the node that the peak corresponds to on the surface/volume (in the color of that node’s line in the Time Course map).
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