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AGREED: Distinction between windows and tabs: Windows and tabs should be treated exactly the same. Tabs are just consolidated windows. Tabs should be called tabs, not panes. If possible, tabs should be able to be dragged off a window to create a new window for that tab, or should at least have option to convert a single tab into a window (rather than all tabs to windows)

AGREED: Tab placement: Tabs for viewing window should be moved to the top of the program window, above the toolbar. Tabs should persist even when the toolbar is hidden. Windows should not have unique names (could just say Connectome Workbench at the top of all windows), since all the action will occur within tabs. Closing last tab in a window should automatically close window.

Tabs should have a unique number and/or name no matter what window they are associated with. Allow user to rename tab. Toolbox name should match the name of the tab, not the overall window.

PROPOSED: Toolbox Functionality: Have options appear in toolbox only if they are relevant to what a viewing tab is currently displaying. Consider redock button for toolbox on the toolbar. (AGREED TO EXPLORE)

Will keep these in mind as we further design the toolbox and its layer, metric, label, and connectivity options.

PROPOSED: Overlay tabs in Toolbox: Rename Overlay to "Layers". Need to be able to reorder layers easily. (AGREED TO EXPLORE) Will consider options for dragging and dropping, moving layers up and down, and/or automatic changes in other radio buttons when one is changed and include one or more of these in new mockup.

AGREED: Will's mockup of pictorial versions the orientation buttons (L,R,D,V,A,P) was well liked. Possibly make differentiation between anterior and posterior more clear.

Action: Need to create a 24 x 24 pixel version (possibly a 32 x 32 for Mac as well) to incorporate into toolbar. Will and John H. will be in touch to work out details and incorporate.

AGREED: (After Meeting) John H., Will, and Jenn will meet as a subgroup to decide on mockup plans together so that our efforts are going in the same direction and are feasible to code into the UI.

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