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AGREED: Try to keep metric files of different data types in separate files (so that layers of information from these files can be listed and shown independently as columns).

AGREED: Overall toolbox design of Layers tab is very good.

PROPOSED: Search and filter options for finding particular files or columns. (TABLED for now) Not explicitly necessary for AHM.

TABLED: Manage and merge files options. Not explicitly necessary for AHM. May want to add a faster way to add files in next generation.

AGREED: For now, for yoking, have only Yoke to: Tab # and name and then pulldown for type of yoking.

PROPOSED: Show all windows option (akin to Expose) to manage workspace and possibly yoking between windows (click yoke on one window and then click on another window you want to yoke the 1st window to) (AGREED TO EXPLORE)

AGREED: Move design priority to less UI design and more toward getting design we have to be functional within Workbench, including ability to:

  • load and view surfaces
  • populate toolbox and get parts functional
  • view different metric file types so that we can make decisions on further design of toolbox tabs and menu operations

Action: Jon S. will finish event management in the next couple of days. John H. will incorporate suggestions from today's meeting into UI, then start moving pieces into functional Workbench.

AGREED: Threaded wiki to track UI discussion: Jon S. will look into modifying wiki to include date/time info in a tree structure to make between meeting discussions easier to follow on wiki. RT may be used for discussions when discreet features are being added in future.

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