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Download Caret Distribution

Caret runs on Apple's OSX (10.4 and later), Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The source code is available for those who wish to build Caret for other operating systems.

Downloading the Caret distribution or source code requires a username and a password that is supplied when you register for Caret. Registration requires you to provide an email address to which a username and password are sent. The only messages sent to your email address in the future are to inform you about new releases of Caret, nothing else.

The Caret distribution is a ZIP file that contains executables for all of the supported operating systems along with supporting files. Please read the installation instructions.

Attention Linux Users

Many Linux installations contain buggy graphics card drivers and OpenGL libraries. It appears that updates, and especially operating system updates, cause problems with existing graphics card drivers and OpenGL libraries. You can update your graphics card drivers and OpenGL libraries by downloading them from the manufacturer of the graphics card. If your Linux system contains the program "glxgears" (probably installed in "/usr/bin"), try running it. If your system does not have glxgears, try running caret_glxgears (in caret's bin_linux directory). If glxgears starts but crashes, you definitely need to update the graphics card drivers and OpenGL libraries.

Version 5.613 Current Release (26 January 2010)

Download the Caret 5.613 Distribution (Requires username/password obtained via registration).

Version 5.61 Previous Release (18 November 2008)

Download the Caret 5.61 Distribution (Requires username/password obtained via registration).

Note to Users With Computers Using Non-English Character Sets

Problems have been reported with computers using non-English character sets (particularly Asian languages). The typical symptom is an out of memory message, often when opening a spec file. The only solution at this time is to use an English character set.

Download Caret Source Code

Download the Caret 5.613 Source Code (Requires username/password obtained via registration).

For those who download the source code to build caret:

  • We do not provide support for versions of Caret that you compile from source code.
  • We do not provide assistance of any kind for compiling caret or its required libraries from source code.
  • Compiling caret source code, and its required libraries, is a difficult task.
  • Compiling caret source code and its required libraries on Microsoft Windows is nearly impossible.
  • If you still want to compile the source code, see the source code notes.

Download LIGASE Code and Documentation

See the LIGASE site for LIGASE code and documentation.

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