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The list below, in order of priority, is a brief list of new caret_commands, with further descriptions of each command on it's corresponding wiki page. The names are considered place holders, to be modified and amended by Matt, David, et al. as needed. In parenthesis next to each command is the name of the developer assigned to work on the command:

  1. Parcel Constrained Smoothing Metric_Parcel_Smoothing (JS)
  2. Create_Cifti_File (needs more info from Matt) (JS)
  3. Add support for Cifti File format to Metric_Correlation_Matrix_Cifti (JS)
  4. Create a Caret Command for converting Surface to FNIRT warp fields Surface_to_FNIRT (JS or TC)
  5. Create a Caret Command for creating an average Parcellated dense Time Series Create_Average_Parecellated_Time_Series (JS)
  6. Create a Caret Command (or web service) to average one or more grey ordinates over an arbitrary group of Subjects Compute_Connectivity_Average (JS)
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