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Using Qt Creator for C++ Development

Set Qt Creator Preferences

  • Select Preferences from File Menu or Qt Creator Menu on Mac

Preferences Dialog

  • QT4
    • Press the + button (on the right) and Choose the "qmake" version in the "bin" directory of your QT library.
  • Text Editor
    • Verify that Insert spaces instead of tabs is selected and tabs/indent is 3.
  • Help
    • Filters
      • Remove version of QT not being used.
  • C++
    • Set source suffix to cxx.
    • Uncheck Lower case files names.
  • Projects
    • General
      • Set Projects Directory to Current directory.
      • Check all of the Build and Run checkboxes.

Press the OK button to close the Preferences Dialog.

Create a C++ Project from Caret Source in Qt Creator

  • Select File Menu->Open File or Project
  • Choose the ".pro" file in the source directory (ie: in caret_common) and press the Open button.
  • In the Project setup dialog, increase the width of the dialog and select only one of the QT Versions and be sure it is the one in the source directory (ie: caret_files) containing the .pro file. Press the Done button.
  • In the far left column of the Qt Creator Window, click the "Projects" (folder).
  • In the top of the Qt Creator Window, click the name of the .pro file that was selected to create the project (ie: caret_files).
  • In the second row at the top, select Build Settings.
  • In General, verify that the Build Directory is the directory containing the .pro file.
  • Click the Details arrow on the right side of the Build Environment.
  • Press the Add button once for each of these environment variables (NETCDF_INC_DIR, NETCDF_LIB_DIR, QWT_INC_DIR, QWT_LIB_DIR, VTK_INC_DIR, VTK_LIB_DIR) and enter their respective values.

Build Project

  • Click the Edit icon in the far left column of Qt Creator.
  • In the Projects column of the Qt Creator Window, click the project you just imported.
  • Select Build Menu->Build Project "<name of project>".

Set up Executables for Debugging

  • Click Projects icon in far left column of Qt Creator
  • Set Working Directory to desired directory such as the one containing the Caret files.
  • Select Project and Debug Menu->Start Debugging
  • The gdb debugger may take a while to start and QtCreator may popup a message indicating that gdb has not responded, give gdb more time.
  • You may be asked to build the "debugger help" library, go ahead and do so. It is built and installed in the QtCreator distribution (not your QT library).
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