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Report Bugs and minor issues


  • (17 June 2011 by JWH) Window Menu->Bring All to Front does not work on properly on Linux. The windows do get raised as commanded. However, the window manager moves the windows so that they stack directly over the main window.


  • (22 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Tear off menus allowed? Disable. NOTE: No menus were observed with tears offs and it appears that Java does not support tear-off menus.
  • (22 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG, SS) Using tab to cycle through GUI controls should highlight the next component's data such as the text in a text edit. FIX: Spinners were fixed so that they highlight all text when they receive focus.
  • (22 June 2011; 15 June 2011 by JWH) Date in title bar is not date that distribution was assembled. FIX: Now displays date and time in title bar of Main Window.
  • (Fixed 20 June 2011; 18 June 2011 by MG) In the connectivity selector dialogue, click setup causes the current selector to be cleared. It would be better if the current selector were cleared only once someone clicks "select" on the open file dialogue, allowing the user to click "cancel" if they change their mind and have the state remain the same (and not have to set everything back up again).
  • (Larger 20 June 2011; 19 June 2011 by MG) The display control defaults to too small a size, resulting in a need to make it larger. It should start at a size more similar to Caret5.
  • (Fixed 17 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH) Resetting movie images should delete recorded frames from previous caret sessions.
  • (Fixed 17 June 2011; 16 June 2011 by MG) Capture Image of a PNG with a viewing window open on Linux causes a Freeze. The picture is successfully taken but the GUI remains unresponsive.
  • (Fixed 15 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via JE) Time Course Graph should is set to show five graphs but only four are displayed.
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Subsidiary windows sometimes are behind Main Window or windows of other applications. FIX: A new menu item Window Menu->Bring All to Front will display all open windows in Caret6 on top of any other applications.
  • (Unable to reproduce 14Jun20011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG, SS) Selecting deep in a sulcus works on pial but not inflated surfaces. Note: Identification updates may not have been in version of Caret6 used by SS).
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Standard view buttons do not work in Viewing Windows when yoked.
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) When Yoked, translate does not work but zoom and rotate do.
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 14 June 2011 by JWH) View mode button should not be on Viewing Window Toolbars.
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 10 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Controls for Connectivity Color Palette are on both Connectivity Selector and Display Control Dialog. Should be on Display Control only.
  • (Fixed 14 June 2011; 13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Applying changes to connectivity thresholds does not affect loaded data.
  • (Fixed 23 May 2011, jwh) When Opacity is changed to anything below 1.0 in any of the overlays, the up arrow will not allow you raise it back to 1.0, it won't go beyond 0.9. Deleting number and manually entering 1.0 works.
  • (Fixed 23 May 2011, jwh) Typo in the Search Online Help Input box: "Search Online Help for theses words"
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