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Citing Caret Software and Atlases

Acknowledging use of Caret and surface-based atlases in presentations and publications serves several purposes:

  • Gives credit where credit is due.
  • Provides information that is important for interpreting experimental results.
  • Alerts readers and listeners to brain-mapping resources that may help in their own research.

It is generally appropriate to cite both the relevant publication and the URL where the resource can be accessed. Also, it is important to distinguish between atlases (e.g., PALS) and software (e.g., Caret) and to cite each one appropriately.

Citing Caret

If you used Caret as an integral part of a research project, please cite:

  • Van Essen, D.C., Dickson, J., Harwell, J., Hanlon, D., Anderson, C.H. and Drury, H.A. 2001. An Integrated Software System for Surface-based Analyses of Cerebral Cortex. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, 8(5): 443-459.
  • URL:

Citing Atlases

If you used one of our surface-based atlases in a research project, appropriate citations are listed below.

Citing Human PALS-B12 Atlas

Citing Human Colin Cerebellar Atlas

Citing Macaque F99 Cerebral and Cerebellar Atlas

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