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CARET6 was an experimental version of Caret written in the Java language. However, due to performance and other issues with Java, Caret6 development ended. It is recommended that users consider the Human Connectome Program's Workbench suite of software or Caret5].


Caret6 Requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Caret6 can be run on both the desktop and in a web browser. The web browser version has a reduced set of functionalities.

To run Caret6, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your computer. To verify that the JRE is installed, visit the Java Test Web Page. If the JRE is installed, the Java Test Web Page will display the message Your Java is working. This page will also list the version of Java and version 5 or later is required for Caret6. If Java is not installed on your computer, the Java Test Web Page will allow you to download and install the JRE.

Transitioning from Caret5

Caret6 reads a limited number of file formats, some of which are incompatible with Caret5. Visit the File Formats page for descriptions of the Caret6 file formats and how to convert files from Caret5 format to Caret6 format.

Enabling Your Computer to Run WebCaret6

The default quantity of memory for Java Applets is too small for Caret6. You will need to set a parameter to correct this problem.

  • On Mac OSX, you must use the Safari web browser. To set the memory parameter, use Finder to go to Application->Utilities->Java Preferences. In the Java Applet Plugin section, highlight Java SE and then press the Options button. In the Applet Runtime Parameters Window, enter -Xmx1g and press the OK button. Repeat this action for each Java SE. Close Java Preferences. You will also need to restart your Safari browser. You must use Safari on Mac OSX as Firefox ignores the memory parameter.
  • On Microsoft Windows (XP) go to Start Menu->Control Panel->Switch to Classic View (if not in Classic View)->Java. On the Java Control Panel, click the Java tab. Press the View button. In the Java Runtime Environment Settings add "-Xmx512m" in the Runtime Parameters column and verify that Enabled is checked. Press the OK button and close any other windows that were opened in this process.

When WebCaret6 is launched in the web browser, a dialog will pop-up indicating that "" is requesting access to your computer and with a signature from Java Media APIs. Allowing this access permits the temporary installation of OpenGL libraries used by WebCaret6 to draw the surface and volume models. If you deny this access, WebCaret6 will not run.


JOGL Gears Applet

To verify that you can view Java 3D graphics in your web browser, try the example Gears Applet.

WebCaret6 Examples

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