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Download and Installing Caret


  • Mac OS X comes with Java pre-installed.
  • Microsoft Windows and Linux users may need to install Java. In a terminal window, try the command "java -version". If it fails or the version is 1.6x or below, Java will need to be installed. Linux users may have GNU java but it does not work. Java can be downloaded from Java Download Web Site.

Download Caret

IF YOU REALLY NEED CARET6, contact John Harwell or Donna Dierker via the People link in the left column of this page.

  • Download the file
  • Place the downloaded file in the desired location such as "/usr/local" on Mac OSX and UNIX or "C:" on Microsoft Windows.
  • Unzip the file which will create a new subdirectory named "caret6".
  • In "caret6" are three directories named "bin_macosx", "bin_linux", and "bin_windows". Add the full path (eg: /usr/local/caret6/bin_macosx) of the appropriate directory to your PATH environment variable. How to set environment variables on Mac OS X and Linux or Windows.
  • Microsoft Windows users must also set the environment variable CARET6_HOME to the directory containing caret6 (eg "C:\caret6").
  • To run caret6, run the command "caret6" in a terminal window. You may also be able to start caret6 via Finder on Mac OS X or Windows Explorer by double-clicking caret6 in the appropriate "bin" directory.
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