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List on this page new features that might be useful additions to Caret6/Connectome Workbench.




High Priority

  • (13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Support time series with single column.
  • (XX June 2011 by JE, ER) Add connectivity files to spec file to avoid needing connectivity selector.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH via MG) Support asymmetric dense connectivity matrices.
  • (19 June 2011 by DVE) copy spec file (and contents) for caret6
  • (19 June 2011 by DVE) zip spec file (and contents) for caret6

Other Priority

  • (13 June 2011 by MG) Support metric operations on CIFTI files, e.g. load a CIFTI column as a metric & functional volume.
  • (13 June 2011 by MG) Support quantitative comparison of CIFTI dense connectivity rows or CIFTI dense timeseries columns including exporting a row/column as a CIFTI column above
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Update CIFTI wiki and source code to allow embedding of GIFTI surfaces for each surface structure in a CIFTI file. Examine transposing CIFTI time-series file for better performance (brainordinates in rows, timepoints in columns).
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Unify Caret5 and Caret6 file formats.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Connectome DB interface and operation.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH via JE) Create movie that contains both Main and open Viewing Windows.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Do not alter NIFTI volumes when they are read. Display slices using stereotaxic coordinates which requires an updated volume viewer.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Scenes Generic.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Scenes Full.
  • (13 June 2011 by JWH) Common structure codes for CIFTI, GIFTI, and NIFTI.`
  • (XX May 2011 by JE) Matching Color of Node sphere and Time Course Line
  • (XX May 2011 by JE) Time Course Peak/Point Picking
  • (14 June 2011 by JWH) Update caret5 to read and write Caret6 formatted data files.
  • (14 June 2011 by JWH via ER) Add ability to control speed of animation on Connectivity Selector. Better yet, synergize all animation (timepoints, rotation, metric, etc.) to a single window.
  • (14 June 2011 by JWH) Move Display Color Bar options into the Palette Coloring's Palette Options section.
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